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(Remember outing is 3/4 of Scouting)

 April 17 - 19

5 Mile Ice Age Trail Hike!




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Updated: 3/18/09

Troop 885


Parent's Meeting

With this many new people joining the Troop it is time for us all to get together.  We will have a Parents Meeting on Sunday, May 3rd at 4PM at St. Paul in Fellowship Hall.  The meeting will last between 2 and 3 hours and will include dinner. 


Leadership Update

Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) meetings are held at Jim P’s house on the second Sunday of the month at 3:30 PM.  Brian K. has been doing a great job leading the Troop and planning the events. 


Here are all the updated leadership assignments:

Senior Patrol Leader – Brian K.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – Jared E.

Troop Guide and temporary Patrol Leader for the Screeching Eagles Patrol – Jeremiah K.

Assistant Patrol Leader for the Screeching Eagles Patrol – Eli S.

Patrol Leader for the Barbaloot Patrol – Jimmy P.

Assistant Patrol Leader for the Barbaloot Patrol – Mitch W.

Quartermaster – Ben H.

Den Chiefs – Joseph R., Jared E. and Dylan S.

Troop Scribe – open

Troop Historian – open

Troop Librarian – open

OA Representative – will vary between OA members


Congratulations to Jeremiah for serving as a loyal Den Chief for five years!!




Elroy - Sparta Bike Hike

    Despite a few tender stomachs and some weary legs the Scouts covered the entire length of the Elroy Sparta Bike Trail.  34 miles is a good day of riding, especially for those whose rear-end hadn’t recently greeted their saddle.  Upon arriving we stayed in the barracks at Camp Douglas.  Thanks to Scott V. for arranging the stay at Camp Douglas.  John R. and I rode along with the Scouts.  Thanks to all the adult leaders that helped out on the trip.



The best spaghetti yet

    The Webelos got a real taste of Scouting when they joined us for a parents outing at Kohler Andre back in October.  The spaghetti had been cooking for 25+ minutes when it was ladled from the pot.  Everyone ate silently and politely, but the garbage bag was awfully heavy after we all “finished”.  To be fair the Scouts generally do a good job of cooking on outings.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be spaghetti night.



USS Cobia

    The trip to the USS Cobia was far less eventful.  The Scouts got to tour the sub, bunk out overnight on the sub, conduct war games and learned a whole lot about WW II subs in the war effort.  It was a good time.  If you haven’t done it before it is well worth trying.  Thanks to Chris E. for providing adult leadership on the trip.  While the sub was not toasty warm, we were all glad that we weren’t camping out in the sub-zero (pun) temperatures and high winds. The Manitowoc River was frozen solid.



Yah Der Hey

    Jim S’s family has a cabin up north on Rolling Stone Lake, just north of Pickerel in Langlade County.  The temperatures were near zero, but the sky was blue and bright.  Ice fishing was in order and the Scouts did fairly well catching a number of northern.  They also built a massive frozen snow fort and had the snow ball fight of the century.  No one got seriously injured, unless of course you are counting their ego’s.  



Klondike Derby

    The Scouts attended this year’s Klondike Derby with the intent to win.  They feel short by a bit, mostly due to some bad luck.  Their catapult-like ball thrower (otherwise known as our first aid kit) broke just after they had a record setting toss.  Unfortunately this toss only counted as practice.  They sure can boil water like nobody’s business and their orienteering wasn’t bad either.




    Scouting for Food and wreath sales were other events this past fall that the Scouts participated in.  Many thanks to Renee S. for leading the wreath fund raiser.


    Upcoming Events:


    Adventure Rock Climbing

    This coming weekend the boys will be heading down to Pewaukee for some indoor mountain climbing and pizza.  According to their web-site Adventure Rock offers the ultimate indoor climbing adventure.  It caters to Scouts and climbers of all ages and abilities.  We have 13 Scouts attending so it should be a lot of fun.


    Ice Age Trail Hike

    We’ll be leaving from Glenbeulah on Saturday morning (May 18th)and hiking the Ice Age Trail for 5 miles into Greenbush.  Once there we will camp out overnight.  Many of the Scouts need to complete a 5 mile hike for their advancement.  We’ll focus on camping skills on Saturday and play some games.  It should be a good way to experience early Spring.


    LTC here we come

    LTC will host our Spring Camporee.  There will be opportunities for hands-on learning from several of LTC’s programs including healthcare, IT and Business.  It is a great way to introduce your son to a local college and expose him to new skills.  We’ll be camping out that weekend from Friday through Sunday morning - May 29 – 30.


    Other notes – Dean and a few of the other leaders will be helping the Scouts build their own snow shoes and demonstrating manufacturing skills to the Scouts sometime in Spring.  We will also have a leadership/training session with the Scouts at Camp Akela.  The date is still being worked out.






Alex S.

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